Value of Currency – Choices Story You Play

The Choices Story You Play is the most attractive game as it deals with various stories. The game is created by Pixelberry, and it is an online simulation game. More than thousands of players play this game every day. The game is very impressive as it contains lots of different characters and chapters. It is available free of cost at various websites for both Android and IOS users. The game consists of multiple types of stories like The Freshman, Perfect Match, The Crown and The flame and many more. These stories based on different categories like love, drama, horror, and romance. Choices Story You Play gives you many options to choose your fantasy story and make your character.


Benefits of In-game Currency

The game we talking about are reading the stories or chapters, and for them, you need more and more in-game currency. The more and more currency you have the more you unlock different stories and customize your character properly. The game depends on the in-game currency as you need most of it. Following are the types and uses of in-game currency-


  • Diamonds – These are the most important currency in the game as it helps in unlocking various levels and stories or chapters so by using Choices Cheats. If you want to be the best player of the game, then you should read all the possible stories you can. The diamonds helps you to purchase many things which are useful in story reading or character making.
  • Keys – Keys are another most important part of the game as to read every story you need to spend a key. The more keys you have, the more stories you will able to read. If you have a lack of keys and want more, then wait for the next 3 hours. After 3 hours the keys are automatically refilled. You should use your in-game currency wisely.