Value of Currency in Dragon City


Dragon city is the most trending game among all other online role-playing games. It considers a wide range of dragons and lots of new features. The primary task in the game is to breed, hatch and collect dragons. Gamers have to fight with other dragons and get lots of earnings in the form of rewards or in-game currency.

Another important thing is that the dragons need food to fight and for that, it is essential for users to build farms and grow food. Food is used to heal dragons after every fight, and it also used in level up the dragons. It is necessary to have enough amount of in-game currency as it required most while playing the game so by getting Dragon City Cheats.

Types of Currencies in the game

Dragon City is filled with various kinds of dragons, foods and many other types of equipment. To get these items, you should require enough amount of in-game currency. There are three types of in-game currencies in the game. Following are their names and uses –

  • Gold – It is the primary currency in the game as it is used in buying lots of different dragons, foods and various other types of equipment. It is also used in purchasing essential dragon habitats and dragon eggs. Gold is also helpful in adopting different buildings, decorations and upgrading your city, dragons, and farms.
  • Gems – It refers to the premium currency of the game. The gems are used to speed up many processes and most importantly egg hatching process. Gems are converted into gold or food. It can be used in upgrading hatchery, hold more eggs, expanding your current city and buying more new islands or items.
  • Food – It is also another important in-game currency which is required in leveling up and heals the dragons. Users can grow the food on various types of farms and islands. Food is mostly used for upgrading your dragons.

More things to know

Dragon City is an attractive game and needs lots of tips and strategies to progress further. Gamers should use the in-game currency more wisely as by spending them on most important things. It is important for the users to have enough amount of in-game currency to purchase various dragons and general items.

The platform provides you with lots of interesting features and high-quality graphics. Dragon City is the most played and liked game by different types of people all across the world. It provides you with real-life experience.